neo-bronchol® dissolves and loosens mucus in respiratory illnesses. It makes it easier to cough it up and clears the bronchi.


neo-bronchol® means rapid, effective help
in a practical dosage form.

HANDY, QUICK, GOOD: NEO-BRONCHOL.Ideal when out and about.

Once we get it, it is with us the entire day: a cough. It is irritating and it bothers and weakens us. Conventional expectorants in liquid form are bulky when you are on the move and therefore impractical. neo-bronchol® as an effective and practical pastille offers the perfect solution. The soft pastille pleasantly dissolves in your mouth and quickly soothes the tickle in your throat. It is the sister product to the classic neo-angin®, which has been used against inflammatory sore throats for decades. 

Not only do the pastilles help,
they are also practical and taste good!


The main active ingredient in neo-bronchol® is ambroxol hydrochloride, a long-proven active ingredient that is used in many preparations. The expectorant is primarily used to loosen stubborn mucus in the bronchi.

Ambroxol hydrochloride stimulates the formation of a watery, thin secretion and thereby liquefies the mucus, making it easier to remove. By additionally stimulating the cilia in the bronchi, the liquid mucus can be naturally and gently transported away and the bronchi are cleared.

This improved transport provides protection against new stubborn mucus and the natural self-cleaning power of the bronchi is reactivated: a new protective film is formed by the body.

THE BRONCHI ARE CLEARED.Which enables you to breathe deeply and freely again.

Coughing is a natural and important reflex of the body. If foreign bodies reach the airways, coughing instantly eliminates them. This self-cleaning mechanism is vital because it keeps the airways clear and clean. If the bronchi – as in the case of a cold – are too heavily congested with mucus, coughing can become painful. The reflex tries again and again to get rid of the mucus, it stays firm and the bronchi convulse.

neo-bronchol® dissolves the mucus so that it can be transported out by coughing and the healing process can start for the bronchi. Your airways are cleared and you can breathe again. 

Those who want direct help for the bronchi
are well advised to use neo-bronchol®.

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Obligatory product information

Therapeutic indication: For liquefaction and secretion of mucus in respiratory diseases. Facilitates coughing up phlegm and thus clears the bronchi. For information on risks and side effects please refer to the package leaflet and consult your doctor or pharmacist.