Klosterfrau even has something in its range for our little ones:
junior-angin® lozenges, junior-angin® lollies and junior-angin® syrup with a delicious strawberry or cherry flavour. 

junior-angin® product range

"When my child feels better, I feel better too."

Tasty little assistants for the health of children. 

Even for the smallest ones of us.

junior-angin®, as a herbal pain reliever for sore throats in children, is entirely focused on the needs of the youngest members of our family.

The well-tolerated junior-angin® lozenges for children from the age of 4, with their combination of icelandic moss and dexpanthenol, relieve sore throat and soothe the irritated mucous membranes.

junior-angin® product

With the junior-angin® lollies for children from 3 years of age , junior-angin® offers an especially child-friendly solution for sore throat. They contain icelandic moss, dexpanthenol and vitamin C and are particularly suitable for children who cannot suck a lozenge.

The junior-angin® syrup is a 2-in-1 solution which not only helps sore throats, but also fights irritating cough. It is alcohol and sugarfree and can already be used by very young children from the age of 1.

All junior-angin® products have a deliciously fruity taste - strawberry in lozenges and lollies and cherry in syrup - which makes them very popular with children.

Trusting in the healing powers of nature. 

Confidence which is paid off.

Klosterfrau’s motto: nature’s healing powers are the best. This statement is particularly true for children, and junior-angin® makes this a reality with the medicinal plant Iceland moss, which soothes sore throats. The active ingredient forms a protective layer on the inflamed mucous membrane in the mouth and supports the natural function of the mucous membrane.

"When it’s about my child, I only trust natural ingredients."

Gentle help is needed. 

Even better when it tastes good.

It is important to offer products that children scarcely recognise as medicine and are happy to take. The junior‑angin® lozenges and the syrup are two products Klosterfrau has created that go down well with children because of their great flavour. With the launch of junior‑angin® lollies Klosterfrau now offers an especially child‑friendly dosage form.

junior-angin® good taste

Sore throats are especially painful for children. Every child knows the effects of a sore throat: your throat burns, swallowing hurts and talking and eating are agony – and often for days on end. This is where the junior-angin® products help by reliably easing the pain and soothing the inflamed throat.

"Even the best is not always good enough for my child."

How you can help your child even more 

  • You should give your child plenty to drink – for example, herbal tea or juices with a high vitamin C content.
  • Their meals should be light and full of vitamins – for example, chicken noodle soup or vegetable soup and fresh fruits. The child does not have to eat if they don’t have any appetite.
  • Try to create a humid indoor climate – for example, with a humidifier and keep the room well ventilated.
  • A chamomile steam bath or a wet throat compress can help to soothe the pain. Older children can also gargle with sage tea or salt water (1 teaspoon in a glass of warm water).
  • Make sure that the child gets enough rest and takes care of his or her body, which promotes the healing process.
  • If the sore throat symptoms get worse, a fever develops or the condition does not improve after three days, you should go to see a doctor!

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