Almost 200 years old and successfully used for nearly as long. The well-known Melisana – known as ‘spirit of melissa’ in Germany – was used by the nun Maria Clementine Martin to help people with nervous dispositions or digestive problems. To this day, the name Melisana is inseparably linked to Klosterfrau.

Melisana Klosterfrau

"We always used to have a bottle of spirit of melissa in the house. Now, my family relies on Klosterfrau’s natural medicine."


– 13 medicinal plants for your well-being.

The most well-known Klosterfrau product – more than a classic.

The three nuns under the Gothic pointed arch grace more than just the packaging of Melisana. They represent a distinctive brand, centuries of ancient knowledge of the healing power of nature and a uniqueness across the EU. Melisana was the first traditional medicinal product that could be called such across the European Union. This underlines and recognises that this proven product has rendered outstanding services to man’s well-being for a long time.

Maria Clementine Martin

It was the nun Maria Clementine Martin who founded her company in 1826 close to Cologne Cathedral and thereby laid the foundation for one of the oldest and most successful medicinal products in Germany: Klosterfrau Melisana – a distillate of 13 carefully assorted medicinal plants, which Maria Clementine Martin consistently refined and produced herself. Today, Klosterfrau Melisana is an integral part of almost every third medicine cabinet in Germany and is also a household name throughout Europe.


– flavour and healing action in one.

It is this that makes Melisana an effective remedy.

Many people are familiar with melissa, also known as lemon balm on account of its citrus aroma, from its use in the kitchen, where it can pep up salads or be used in more exotic dishes. The healing power of melissa has been known since ancient times – the Arabs cultivated it later on in Spain. From here, melissa spread to central Europe, where Charlemagne (747–814) decreed that melissa should be grown in all cloister gardens.

The relaxing effect of the white-flowered plant was already known at that time and readily used. Today its main application is its positive influence on the vegetative nervous system. For here, in the vegetative nervous system, lies the control centre for bodily functions such as breathing, cardiac activity, digestion and sleep. Melissa can have both a stimulating and calming effect, it eases cramps and alleviates pain.

In addition to melissa, another 12 healing herbs make up the unique composition of Melisana, including gentian, cardamom, cinnamon and ginger. All of the active ingredients in Melisana come from high-quality cultivated medicinal plants. In a special production process, the crucial essential oil ingredients are made usable by the human organism. The pharmaceutically complex alcohol distillation enables a quicker onset of action and ensures that the natural medicine retains a consistent quality over the years.

More than 20 million people in Germany alone trust Melisana – 
and for good reason.

This is why Melisana can be used so universally. 

For recovery inside and out.

New preparations are regularly launched on the health care market, which makes it increasingly difficult for users to keep track. The general quest for resilience also includes the field of self-medication. People trust Melisana because it has proven successful for so long. And alleviates so many different complaints.

The positive influence of melissa on the vegetative nervous system has a positive effect on many different symptoms. These include tension, sensitivity to weather changes, sleep disorders and nervous stomach problems. Stabilising the vegetative nervous system ensures physical balance and greater well-being. Even with cold symptoms, Melisana strengthens the defence and self-healing powers of the body, especially if taken at night to sleep well. For Melisana can also help you get a restorative night’s sleep in the case of sleeping problems.

In the case of rheumatic complaints, Melisana can also be applied externally and thereby ease the symptoms.


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  • Melisana – Obligatory product information

    Used traditionally: Internally: To improve general wellbeing (strengthening or fortifying) where nervous and circulatory stress causes inner disquiet and nervousness. To combat insomnia. For weather sensitivity. To improve wellbeing when unwell, to stimulate gastro-intestinal function, particularly where there is a tendency to feel full or bloated. As a mild medicine to improve wellbeing in uncomplicated colds and for general strengthening. Externally: To support blood circulation in the skin, e.g. for sore and tense muscles. Warning: Contains 66.8% (V/V) ethanol. Contains cinnamon (cinnamic aldehyde). Read the package leaflet before use. For information on risks and side effects please refer to the package leaflet and consult your doctor or pharmacist.

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